Zach Johnson isn’t discounting Tiger Woods for the Ryder Cup
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CNN News
-January 22, 2024

Zach Johnson isn’t discounting Tiger Woods for the Ryder Cup

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Tiger Woods in the Ryder Cup? Don't Count It Out

Tiger Woods might be back in the game, y'all! Zach Johnson, US captain, isn't ruling out having Tiger on the Ryder Cup team if he shows signs of competition-ready form.

All About Teamwork and Trust: Zach Johnson's Take on Woods' Participation

Johnson trusts that Woods would only say 'yes' to playing if he truly felt capable and committed. The decision would also involve discussions with the rest of the team.

Invested in the Future: Woods Eyeing the Ryder Cup

Last year, it was already confirmed that Woods would be part of the US Ryder Cup "in some capacity." Seems like our man is making this tournament a priority!

Potential Health Complications for Woods

But hold up, not so fast... Woods' health may complicate things. After his leg injuries and recent foot pain, these could pose challenges for his potential participation.

Playing Tour Again: A New Reality for Woods

Woods has accepted the reality of his situation and plans to follow a strategy similar to Ben Hogan – picking and choosing a few events per year to compete in.

Get Ready, Italy! Here Comes the Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup is heading to Italy for the first time later this year. Can Team US continue their winning streak from 2021?

Remembering Team US’s Dominance in 2021

Let's throw it back to 2021 when Team US totally crushed it at the Ryder Cup with a historic performance over Europe. Will they keep up the momentum?

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