Lionel Messi scores for Paris Saint-Germain in first game back since World Cup triumph
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CNN News
-January 22, 2024

Lionel Messi scores for Paris Saint-Germain in first game back since World Cup triumph

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Messi Back in Action, Rocks PSG With a Bang

Lionel Messi's back with Paris Saint-Germain and he's not playing around scored in his first match since his World Cup win. Talk about making an entrance!

From Qatar to France: No Downtime for the GOAT

There's no rest for the wickedly good! The 35-year-old legend was quick to get back on track after the World Cup, showing zero signs of a hangover.

PSG Salutes Soccer Icon Pelé in Warm-Up Tribute

Respects were paid before the match as Messi and his mates donned tees bearing the face of football legend, Pelé. Class act, squad!

Top of the League: PSG Doesn't Miss a Beat

Despite post-World Cup rotations, PSG's still comfortably leading the pack. Their strategy? Give promising youngsters like Hugo Ekitiké some play time.

Ekitiké & Messi: Young Blood Meets Established Legend

Ekitiké opens with a goal, Messi follows suit. This duo is straight fire!

VAR Comes to Messi's Rescue

Messi's second goal initially deemed offside? No stress, VAR had his back, overruling the call. Whew!

PSG Bounces Back After Season's First Loss

Last week's defeat against Lens put a damper on things, but Messi’s return brings a much-needed W for PSG.

Rivals Push Hard, But PSG Stands Tall

With everyone returning post-World Cup and re-connecting, PSG shows it's ready to defend its lead against hard-pushing rivals.

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